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Miss Laura & Lucky

"To Make The World Truly Better, We Need To Begin With Our Children's Entertainment"  -- Laura J. Wellington

For Parents:

SO many of us parents and grandparents are frustrated with the direction our children's entertainment has taken.  It seems that much of it works against our painstaking efforts to raise respectful, value-based children -- values we agree with and trust


As a mother of five, an award-winning children's television creator children's book author, and a former preschool teacher, I can honestly say that "I feel your frustration."  I also know that the change we seek will only come if we do it ourselves.  I am and I need your help.

I created "Miss Laura & Lucky" to be that change.  Each episode will be crafted around lessons both you and I want shared with our children.  This is OUR series for THEM and I ask that you participate in the creation, "word of mouth" promotion, and support.  You are, in fact, my co-creators, producers and publicity team.  


Episode ideas should be sent to MissLauraLucky66@gmail.com. 

You can find each episode on Youtube at our new "Miss Laura & Lucky" channel.  These episodes will also be available on a paid subscription channel at a nominal monthly fee as this series is not about "money."  It is about "minds" and the very precious little people relying upon us to raise them well while ensuring a bright future and stable world.  Unfortunately, censorship may occur around important topics such as "God" and "our love of country" so the additional channel is a necessary reality today.

Let's do this together, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas.  Let's take back our children's entertainment and give our preschoolers what WE actually want for them...not what we are being told that we should want!

To Learn More About Laura J. Wellington, see THREAD MB blog and Laura J. Wellington books

To Reserve Your "Lucky", email: misslauralucky66@gmail.com