My name is Laura J. Wellington also known as Miss Laura.  I am a mom of five, teacher, children's book author, award-winning children's television series creator, TED speaker, Op-ed writer, and blogger.  In addition, I founded THREAD MB lifestyle blog and authored the renowned love story "Be Careful What You Wish For" (5 Stars on Amazon).


My Story


There is no doubt that I am a teacher at heart.  I am also a writer and an artist.  Is it any wonder that I've combined all three to the benefit of the child throughout my entire career.  I am doing this once again through "Miss Laura & Lucky."  My goal is simple: to support the child, offering fundamental social-emotional lessons through reality-like entertainment.  Whereby, these lessons would normally be taught through in-person learning, your children will now have the opportunity to learn them through this online homeschool video series.

I have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, ABC, CCTV, WND, Forbes, USA Today, Fox News, The Sean Hannity Radio Show, OANN, BizTV, American Thinker, Thrive Global, Medium, The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, EduTech, On Faith, and many more discussing children, family, and education issues.  

In addition, I have been honored with countless awards, including four Telly Awards, The Forbes Enterprise Award, The Dove Foundation Award, Garden State Woman Of The Year, The Buzz Award, etc.

No doubt, I am proud of my many professional contributions and accomplishments.  I consider my family my greatest achievement.  I believe, if I hadn't gotten that right, nothing else would have mattered.  Having lost my husband to Cancer when I was thirty-five, I met single-parenthood with determination, honor, a sense of responsibility and love.  I guess I did okay at it because they all grew up to be doctors, surgeons or scientists and I have great relationships with each one.  

I feel that it is a privilege to guide children.  I promise to do so with yours as I have done my own.  

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